Skill Development Center

Designed for the socio-economic development of people, mainly women from vulnerable and disaster hit communities. This program embodies the approach of eradicating poverty amongst the most neglected segment of society. A sustainable means of livelihood is developed by establishing Skills Development Centers (SDCs), Industrial Homes (IHs), and Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs). This is done so by providing employable skills, facilitating home-based income generating activities and developing market linkages. The vision of "One Home One Skill" is to sustain the livelihood of every household.


● To empower women and eradicate poverty through enterprise and skills development
● To impart training in employable skills focusing on "One Home One Skill"
● To develop indigenous handicrafts by establishing industrial homes and promote local products through value chain development
● To build the capacity of potential trainees and develop market linkages for the sustainability of community livelihood
● To prepare trainees and artisans for social change in the community through ‘value based’ education and to develope social values

Skills Development Centers (SDCs):

SDWA- PAKISTAN organizes training courses within these SDCS; these courses include dressmaking, fashion design, embroidery, office automation, a diploma in IT, English language, knitting, fabric and glass painting as well as arts and crafts. Handicraft is a very unique course in SDCs for local artisans to utilize their potential for income generation. SDCs work to organize artisans in groups and impart trainings of color combination and product development for specialization and quality improvement. SDWA-PAKISTAN’ Designing and Collection Unit supports these groups to produce quality products and market them for beneficial sale.

Industrial Homes:

SDWA- PAKISTAN is working towards converting all SDCs into Industrial Homes forming groups of women artisans in each to promote the concept of "one village one product". After the completion of skill development training at SDCs, many women join an Industrial Home to reap the benefits of their newly acquired skill. Building and essential equipment such as sewing and embroidery machines along with accessories and the running expenses are being provided by SDWA-PAKISTAN donations. One successful production of these homes is making school bags for children.