About Us


  • Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups and strengthening efforts to build self reliance and to provide jobs against 2% job quota

  • To promote social inclusion of people with disabilities in all spheres of life i.e Food, Shelter, Health, Education, Employment & empowerment with dignified access

  • To promote sports skills among persons with disabilities.

  • To promote professional skills to meet the targets.

  • To promote accessibility needs including E-Accessibility and Accessible Environment for all.

  • To Promote of Community Based Rehabilitation Program.

  • To promote Independency of Living Centers.

  • To encourage participation of Women, children with Disabilities on all levels including decision making processes.

  • To promote and include rural based Person with Disabilities.

  • Mainstreaming of Person with Disabilities on all levels.

  • To promote integrated environment to access equal opportunities in mainstream society.


To promote an inclusive & accessible society to ensure equal opportunities and facilities


We keep our “children” at the heart of all that we do. We respect and value each other. We utilize all our resources efficiently. We strive for excellence whatever we do. We work together to enhance our reputation.

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